C# .Net 10+ years all projects since 2005
ASP.Net WebForms 10+ years Allseas VPM and PTS projects
ASP.Net MVC/Razor 4+ years Allseas MPP, BMM and GCI
SQL Server 10+ years All projects
WinForms 7+ years Allseas VPM and PTS
MS Access/VBA 15 years Allseas, ISTC, B&A Groep
LINQ to SQL (EF) Extensive Most Allseas projects (Rolloos)
WPF Moderate Rolloos project
Unit/Integration testing Moderate (Microsoft, Moq, Specflow)
Agile/Scrum Extensive GCI, Baker Hughes, Rolloos
Resharper Moderate Baker Hughes, Rolloos
WebSockets Moderate Rolloos
Git version control Moderate Baker Hughes, Rolloos
GitHub/Bitbucket/VSTS Moderate Baker Hughes, Rolloos
HTML Extensive Most ISTC and Allseas projects
.NET Charting Extensive Most Allseas projects
Telerik reporting Extensive Most Allseas projects
Web Services/Soap Moderate GCI and two ISTC projects
PDF generation Moderate Used on one Allseas project
Excel Export (EPP) Moderate Used on several Allseas projects
Logging (log4net and Nlog) Extensive Used on most Allseas projects and Rolloos
Sharepoint 2010 Limited Used on one data exchange project for Allseas
Windows Services Moderate Used for one ISTC project
XML Moderate Used throughout ISTC projects
XSLT Moderate Several ISTC projects