Freelance Projects.

Rolloos - VPM (2005-2017)

Designed and built a prototype for the backend component of a new software product.
Researched components for communication between video management system on one side and html/javascript based UI on the other.

Baker Hughes - VPM (2005-2017)

Part of team of 6 software developers working on Reservoir Modelling software.

GCI - Mosl (2005-2017)

Joined a large team of software developers working on a MVC application.

Allseas - Support (ongoing)

Allseas - VPM (2005-2016)

A set of applications to support the daily progress reporting of the pipe lay vessels Solitaire, Lorelay, Audacia and the subsea support vessel Calamity Jane.
Components include tools for Field Engineers to report production and downtime. Also facilities for Bridge (Weather and positions), Warehouse (consumables and pipe supply), Personnel and Safety Officers (safety drills and incidents).
Data from all vessels is collected via satellite into a central SQL Server database in Delft. The VPM portal provides management and users with valuable insight into the status and performance via summaries, operating details and progress charts on a daily basis.
In particular the achievement of a 'single source' database provides management consistent view of operations across all departments (Planning, Cost Control, Quality Control, Piping Department and Technical Services). Since the introduction of VPM, measurement against Key Performance Indicators and 'End of Year' reporting has improved significantly.

Allseas - MPP (2005-2017)

Single–handedly designed and implemented an ASP.Net MVC/Razor based portal to track all externally contracted Quality Control Inspectors.

Functions include:

  • scheduling inspection tasks
  • optimizing inspectors over worldwide located fabrication yards
  • management reports on actual and forecasted project expenses

The timesheet module generated detailed billing instructions per task for the contracting agencies.
This module significantly reduced billing errors and conflicts with the agencies

Allseas - PTS (2005-2017)


Software application for tracking offshore pipe line construction. Single–handedly designed, developed and deployed a system of software modules to track pipes and structures (PLEMs PLETs etc.) as they are welded into the pipe line. Pipe line laying data is transmitted in near real-time to Delft where progress is reviewed by the project managers. Included tools for QC (Quality Control) Supervisors and Inspectors to report on weld inspections for approved/rejected welds. Included a custom replicator to retrieve vessel pipe laying data in near realtime from the vessels to Delft. Data retrieval used expensive satellite connections so efficiency and speed were essential. Implemented management performance charts on the internal management portal VPM (see below). Efficiency improvements since the introduction of this system are: less errors in pipe numbers and accurate daily reporting to the client representative. The system also allows more accurate and timely post-project reporting to the pipeline owner (data book) requiring less resources.

  • ASP.Net MVC
  • WinForms
  • SQL Server

Axxiflex - Business Model Manager (2005-2017)

Lead Software Engineer and participant in startup aimed at developing a web based business plan modeler for starting entrepreneurs. Pilot for the Landbouw Hogeshool Wageningen in Dronten was started successfully. Due to overly ambitious goals and lack of funding the project was abandoned.

  • ASP.NET WebForms
  • WinForms
  • SQL Server

CNC machine control application (2005-2017)

GC-II – WinForms based application to control and monitor a 3 axes Galil motion controller (DMC4040). Functions included importing CAD drawings and output from a custom design package.

  • WinForms

B&A Groep / Vonk (2005-2017)

‘Relatie Manager’ – MS Access/VBA based contact management application for the city of Amsterdam.
The ‘Relatie Manager’ application manages, monitors and provides management progress reporting for coaches consulting unemployed women helping them to enter the workforce.

  • MsAccess
  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • SQL Server

ISTC/IAS (2005-2017)

IAS is an umbrella organization providing services for several student and youth travel associations, related to the ISIC card. I worked in a small team doing general IT support and software development. Initially I developed ‘CardMaster’, a MS Access/VBA based application for issuing Student Identity Cards which was issued to 3500 point of sales. Later adding java and SQL Server for Web based applications. After the introduction of Visual Studio 2003 and .NET 1.1, I converted almost all applications to ASP.Net and WinForms.

  • ASP.NET WebForms
  • WinForms
  • SQL Server